Tuff Girl Focus System

Stress is a part of our everyday lives

Ignoring the Pain you Experience from Stress is for the body.

New research has brought to light the potential gender gap in stress, with women reporting higher stress from life events.

Scientific research has shown the vast benefits that individuals attain from meditative practices. A recent study also found meditation to be more effective for women versus men.

The Tuff Girl Focus System

The Tuff Girl Focus System is designed to guide you into the practice of meditation. Our program will help you find your starting point and teach you how to perfect the meditation practice and develop a system that works best with your body.

Group Sessions

Group Learning Environment

Learning a new skill can sometimes be intimidating alone. The Tuff Girl meditation program is conducted in a group environment to allow members to discuss their experiences together and help other members who are just getting started.

Level Based

Level Based to Ease into the Practice of Meditation

The most important factor in a meditative practice is maintaining consistency in your efforts. The Tuff Girl meditation system was built on a level based platform to help you build up a consistent time that works with your body.


Tune Our System to what Works Best with Your Body

Meditation affects everyone differently. There is no single program that will work with everyone’s body. The Tuff Girl Meditation platform is customizable to allow you to find a system that works best with your body.

Start the journey to a new you!