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Daily Workouts

Building a comprehensive workout plan is critical to maintaining muscle confusion and avoid training plateaus. We will generate daily workouts to help provide you additional support in developing workouts for your clients.

Dispelling Myths

There is a ton of misinformation around health and wellness on the web. We will provide scientific studies to help clients get some clarity around what is real and what is just hype.


Keeping your customers engaged is always a challenge. We will have a blog that will deliver content to keep our clients engaged and help capture new members for our franchise owners.

Food Education

The next step in helping your clients live a healthy lifestyle is education on how food interacts with their body. We are building out a food library that will explain the pros and cons to common food choices.

Nutrition Programs

Working out is only half the battle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are developing a multi-tiered diet, based on science to help our clients reach their full health potential.

Sugar Swaps

Sugar is plaguing most foods your clients are exposed too. We will provide alternatives to common products and help keep their nutrition goals on track.

The Need for help is growing

Almost 70% of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight


Americans Spend North of $60 Billion Annually to Lose Pounds

Marketdata Enterprises

Over 60 million Americans paid gym membership fees in 2017


Workout programs haven’t changed in decades... resulting in mediocre results and clients that give up without making Any progress.

Our system continuously leverages the latest in science research to look at all aspects of Women's Health to drive results that stick.


Inquires are Time Stamped

All requests are time stamped, locking in your territory form other inquires until you have an opportunity to review the Tuff Girl franchise opportunity.

All Questions Answered

A staff member will work with you to answer any questions you have about moving forward. Our goal is to help educate you about the opportunity and our industry-leading support.

Zero Pressure

We will hold your territory as you evaluate the opportunity. We want you to make a fully informed decision before you move forward and join the Tuff Girl family.

Learn More About The Tuff Girl opportunity

After your submission is received, someone form the Tuff Girl Team will contact you to set up an in-depth review of our systems.

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